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Wendy Ann StangerFibre Artist 

Fur, Fleece and Fibres....

These commissioned portraits are created by using photos of your horses profile and incorporating real hair, from both the horses coat,mane and tail.


Images are created with a range of other natural fibres and details are added with free motion machine embroidery.



Animal portraits made from real fur/hair and fibres....



For a personalised portrait of your horse or pony using their actual coat and mane, prices start from £300. In order to commission your own portrait contact Wendy Ann either via email or phone.



Plum Pony was a Commission for Christmas 2014. The Ponies coat was sent via the post and created into the image of Plum by using emailed photos. The work was sent back completed in time for a fabulous Christmas surprise. The family were overwhelmed by the image that used Plums own mane, tail and coat hair. The images below show close up details of the fibre artwork.

Baa, Ram, Ewe

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