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Lampshades come in a range of sizes and shapes and are all one off and hand crafted by Wendy Ann. Made from a mix of pure silk fibres and dyed merino fleece with REAL dried flowers encased between the fibres, giving a delicately beautiful finish. These subtle unique shades are a real conversation piece in any home. 

Commission your own lamshade(s) to be created by choosing your own flowers perhaps from your garden or a bunch from a special occasion.


Flowers can evoke memory of a loved one or a celebration of a specific event. Beautiful forms and textures are highlighted when the shades are lit up, showing every fibre and stitch. 


Some strong sented flowers retain their smell, even after drying and Wendy often uses dried lavender in her papers to create a subtle fragrance. 



Prices range from £50 - £500 depending on the size and shape of the shade required. Please contact Wendy for more details.

These Beautiful paper lampshades are made from pure silk fibres, which encase the dried flowers between the layers, giving an extremely textured and exquisitely unique finish.


Above shows two Gypsophila shades made from a Bridal Bouquet, one large standing lamp and one small table lamp. 


Below is a recently commissioned lamp shade situated in their home... 


"Cut flowers only last a couple of weeks. We are so pleased with the lampshade made by Artist Wendy Ann Stanger of Blooming Fibres with a selection of the flowers from the 5 bouquets that I was given when I left my old job in February. A lovely way to enjoy them and bring back good memories. Thank you so much."

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