Wendy Ann Stanger Fibre Artist
Wendy Ann StangerFibre Artist 

Workshops and Talks..

"Can Do" Project

Students from Tynemet College created silk paper sculptures to be displayed at the Raising Sun Country Park in Newcastle Upon-Tyne.

Tynemet College 2017

Learning new skills and creating artwork for the Raising Sun Country Park.


Thropton WI March 2017

Click to read a write up from the Border Textiles Group about Wendy Ann's talk last year: https://bordertextilegroup.wordpress.com/september-wendy-ann-stanger/

Lampshade Workshop

Farfield Mill 2016

Year 9 Shakespere project.

Newton Hall Library and Trinity School created a banner to join a touring exhibition with other Durham Libraries. 

Silk paper making workshop with Weave Together and The Bait Project. 


Community project to develop creative and entrepreneurial skils within the south Tyneside area. Wendy delivered skill sharing workshops based of fibre crafts. 



Papers produced using silk fusion techniques....


Using a range of dyed fibres including silk, fleece and alpaca.


Dried flowers, feathers and shells used to add texture and interest to surfaces.

Felted vessels workshop - November 2015


Wet Felted forms created with a resist, using a mix of silk and fleece fibres in teh wet felting process. 

Silk paper Lampshade making

Family workshop held at St Marys in Gateshead.

Ellingham First School Northumberland

Whole School project based on Natures Treasures. Pupils gathered natural objects during a walk around thier local area bringing flowers, leaves, acorns, sycamore seeds and feathers back to school to add to their own textile artwork. Each pupil made an individual piece which where all joined together to create large wall hangings to display in each classroom. 

Embroiders Guild Newcastle - Fibre Paper and Stitch Workshop 

Wet Silk Paper Making - using a range of fibres not just silk. I took a range of dried and gathered objects to use and asked members to bring along anything they would like to incorporate into their fibre papers. 

There was a huge range of papers created, using many different colour combinations. The most successful were the ones that had considered this either before hand or during the making process. 

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