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Four hearts created from wedding bouquet and venue flowers...

Wedding Hearts

Created from your dried wedding bouquet...

Wedding Hearts

Created from a wedding Bouquet and Button Hole...

Wedding Flower Keepsakes

Have your Wedding day flowers beautifully preserved into a bespoke one off artwork keepsake that is completely unique to yours and your partners day. 


What better way to remember the perfect wedding day? By using your flowers, colour theme and style, to create a piece of art for your home. Working with, Wendy Ann, the designer to incorporate various elements of your special day such as lace and other sheer fabrics to create your own personalised keepsake. 


One or two flowers can be used, partial bouquet or the whole Bouquet, table or venue flowers can also be used. 

Fresh flowers, upto a week after the big day, are collected or dropped off at the studio where they are carefully pressed dry and perserved. Each flower stem is carefully deconstructed and delicately pressed between soft layers of paper. Methodically checking the flowers as required throughout the drying process. Roses are hung upside down and dried out whole, to keep their beautiful structure. Several other methods of drying are used as and when required. The whole drying process takes around 6-8 weeks and then the artwork keepsake will be created. 


The dried flowers are encased between fine layers of pure silk fibre this giving them a protective layer which can then be embellished. Pure Silk Fibres are layed out in the required size and shape; this is the base layer rather like making your own paper in which to create an image on. The flowers, lace and any other elements are added over this base layer of fibres. 
A fine layer of silk is added over the top of the flowers to encase them inside the paper all the fibres are guled together. This gives a paper surface which can be stitched into and embellished. A variation of this technique is used for all artworks, flower colour strength is tested before the piece is made and if colour loss is to be a problem the flowers are added at a later st​age to avoid getting them wet and potentially loosing colour. Strong colours such as yellows, reds and bright pinks keep their colour well, with more care needed to preserve lighter pastel shades. 

Your keepsake can be made even more individual by incorporating lace or other dress fabrics, sheer fabrics work best giving lovely subtle textures.


Occasionally I use a dye to paint in some of the lighter coloured flowers this also helps against fading and helps the keepsake last longer and look fresher. The dyes have a strong pigment which adheres well to the natural colour of the flowers and helps enhance white and pastel colours which sometimes can fade to a more yellowy tone. I embellish the flowers with hand and machine stitch, this helps to bring everything together and pull all the elements of fabric and flower together. The piece is then ready to be framed or rewet and stretched over canvas or lampshade. Please see examples below....

Real and silk flower mixed bouquet in a white frame.


10"x10" picture with flowers spilling onto mount. Hand stitched detailing into fibre surfaces.


Bouquet delivered and collected from the studio.



Small bouquet or head piece and buttonhole. Hand stitched detailing. 


Bespoke box framed in either walnut (pictured) white or ash size 15"x15"


Flowers can be collected within a week of the wedding.





Partial bouquet(or small full bouquet)Bespoke framed 25"x25" £450

There is a large choice of frame styles including light and dark wood, silver or white. The artwork keepsakes can be framed with or without glass or some people prefer to have their artwork stretched over a canvas to give a more textural quality.  

Bridal Bouquet Artwork - Bespoke box frame £550

Full bouquet canvas using a mixture of the dried bouquet flowers and table flowers, veil fabric, bouquet ribbons were hand stitched into the surface to add texture and depth. This huge canvas measures 34"x34" and is a real statement piece!


Smaller canvas and framed button hole were created as bespoke gifts to the mother of the bride/groom and bridesmaid.


Large canvas £800

small canvas £150

Buttonhole with rose petal paper  £95


(10% Discount is given for orders over £1000)



Large bespoke box framed bouquet with dried orchids, small roses, ferns and ribbons. Had stitched details and tea leaves added from the wedding theme.£550


Medium sized lampshade. (see below for lampshade prices)






Package deal - Large Bridal Bouquet Keepsake, Mother of the bride keepsake, Bridesmaid x2, 2 large lampshades with wooden bases, One smaller shade.... all made from the wedding day flowers! 



Reduced rates are given to multiple orders from the same wedding so please ask!

Small lampshade and wooden stand £225
Bespoke lampshade and handmade base £350
Large vintage style shade £625

Visit Wendy at her Studio at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh to discuss commissions.

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